Our Story

Our story.

From the early beginnings on Australia’s picturesque beaches in 1989, Kooringal has become known for offering hats perfect for outdoor adventures. 

Over many summers in the harsh Australian sun, Kooringal has continually evolved, now offering sun-protection with style for any outdoor adventure. 

Today, Kooringal hats can be seen everywhere from beaches to mountaintops all around the world. 

For every adventure.

Kooringal is for the adventure seekers and the wanderers. The weekend warriors and intrepid travellers. The campers spending their nights under the stars and the daydreamers soaking up the summer sun. Wherever life takes you, your Kooringal collects those precious memories and becomes your token to a life well lived.

For the love of the outdoors.

From trekking the outback to catching waves on the coast, no adventure is possible without the beautiful natural landscapes we all crave. From the hottest summer climates to the coldest winter tundras, your Kooringal has been built to withstand the harsh elements of the Australian outback, making it the perfect companion for those who love the outdoors.

Iconically Australian.

We live and breath the Australian lifestyle; a down-to-earth approach to life, mateship above all else and an intrinsic love for the great outdoors. We’re in the business of connecting like-minded individuals to share their stories, foster community and to create a space where those who cherish the outdoors can feel at home. Your Kooringal isn’t just a hat, it’s a mate for life.